Monday, June 21, 2010

Why do I look so bad with eyeliner on?

I look at all of my friends and they look awesome with eyeliner on. Yet, when I apply it, I look like i have huge shadows under my eyes! I don't even apply that much! I have a medium skin tone, dark brown eyes and brown hair. When I put black eyeliner i look bad, and even blue eyeliner! Please, can I get some suggestions on what colors I should use?Why do I look so bad with eyeliner on?
Try Almay:鈥?/a>

I use a brown eyeliner and highlight the top corner and the bottom lid rim with the amethyst (dark purple) it makes the brown pop.Why do I look so bad with eyeliner on?
You're probably putting in on the rim of your eye and you probably react to it by having watery eyes that makes your eyeliner smudge ... try putting it on the base of your bottom eyelashes OR buy an angled brush and brush on black eyeshadow instead ... it's what I use and the best!!!
I know what you mean.

I find just applying it to the top lid works, as does applying it to the outer half of your eyes, top and bottom.

You may also want to try using a black eyeshadow with a fine brush for a softer less harsh look.

Hope this helps you.

P.s i always use black.
I don't look good in liquid eyeliner either (I have dark brown eyes) so I use powder and I use a medium blue or brown. I take eye shadow and use an application sponge and make the line with the shadow. It looks really nice and not overly dark or noticable.
some people just look better without it!

since your hair is brown.. try using a brown eyeliner...

i recommend almay 16 hr wear, smudgeproof, waterproof eyeliner... its the best.

maybe you could be not puttin it on properly. ask one of your friends to put it on for you.. or go to the mall to dillards or macy's and get a free makeup appt. they wil lshow you have to get it done and what would look best on you.

hope i helped : ]
i also look awful with eyeliner on the bottom.

i would try getting a really thin one and just putting it on the top. i am obsessed with eyeliner now, and i can't go anywhere without it! But if then that doesnt work, its just not for you!
some people just shouldn't use eyeliner, especially under the eyes, try doing just the top lid
maybe you have small eyes. try a very fine tip brown eyeliner and dont line the inner rim of your eye because that makes them look smaller.
Try using a brown eyeliner on the bottom lid but a grey or black on the top line of lashes

because it tells you that you are cute the way you like your skin color it perfect just the way you are
just no eyeliner...i bet you look beautiful just w/ the natural look
instead of liquid eyeliner use pencil eyeliner!!! xxx
hey...try this
maybe some more natural colours would suit you better--like a brown or green shade
try mascara instead, or just line the top lid.

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