Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How can I use eyeliner without looking emo?

im asian and so whenever i put on eyeliner i look super emo or goth.How can I use eyeliner without looking emo?
dont use black. use brown. i do. it looks more natural. and just a small thin line. dont pile it on. they key to make-up is to look like your not wearing any. haha weird i know but serious. you should only put on enough to accent your natural beautyHow can I use eyeliner without looking emo?
Just put some on the top or bottom part of your eye. Check out Adam Lambert to see what not to do. Just kidding, but he seems to master the eyeliner thing maybe YouTube him showing the weather girl how to apply eyeliner.
This sounds stupid, but look at your avatar. The eyeliner at the corner of the outer eye would look awesome! Don't put it on the top of your lid or into the inner corner unless it is very thin.
use a very think pencil and only do a thin line on either the top or bottom reccomend the top and mascara...and when putting on the eye liner do it on the very edge and then it'll just look pretty
same here. if i put it on the bottom i look soo emo now i just put it on the top and dont dont dont use black, if you do apply it very lightly
Use a brown pencil or powder liner and sweep it lightly along the top lashline. Black will look too harsh; the same with a liquid liner.
just because you wear eyeliner doesn't make you emo, btw why do you care what other ppl think??
Just put some on the bottom part. and shadow on your eye lid.
emo = black. try using other colors, you wont look emo in that way
just apply a thin line to your waterline and tightline. maybe try a dark brown liner?
only put it on your lids not the bottom part

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