Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How do I get my eyeliner to stay on?

I dont wear makeup but eyeliner and lipgloss, but whenever I put my eyeline ron. It always falls down and it ends up looking like I was crying or got punched in the face and got black eye lol.

I use pencil eyeliner, do u think i shoudl switch to liquid??? thanks.How do I get my eyeliner to stay on?
I know exactly how you feel! This still happens to me but I have figured out that it depends on where you put it and the type you are using. I hate Clinique eyeliners because they would smear everywhere in about 3 hours. This is what I do:

Line my upper and lower lashline with either a black or brown pencil.

Smudge it with either a smudger or an eyeliner brush.

Then I wet the eyeliner brush (or smudger) with water and dip it in either a black or brown eyeshadow and go over it.

It usually lasts all day as long as you are wearing a waterproof pencil.

Hope this helps and good luck!How do I get my eyeliner to stay on?
I have a solution for you. First, it would be suggested to wear mascara to even out the eye makeup. No, you should not switch to liquid, for it is harder to apply. You don't need that in relation to the fact that you're already having eyeliner troubles with pencil. There is the retractable eyeliner, and I use it. It works wonderfully, and it doesn't smear unless you rub your eyes or cry. Plus, eyeliner sometimes smears depending on the layout of your eye. Like how the eye wrinkles in some areas when you open it. So, say if you put it on the bottom, under the eyelashes, it will sometimes smear, but I suggest putting it on the edgeline of your eye, to make it resistant to the wrinkles. But it may be a bit unhealthy if the eyeliner actually gets inside of your eye.
You could switch to liquid but I find it more difficult to apply and gives a weird look. Try getting an eyeliner by Clinque. I used to have the same problem and I found out it was because I was using a lower quality eyeliner.
Liquid eyeliner works really well

if you want it to stay on longer and not smear.

So if your having a problem with the pencil i would def. suggest it.

Revlon Colorstay is a good liquid eyeliner i think it's like 5-8$

hope this helps.
i have a great solution!

try using shade sticks/eye crayon (L'Oreal)!

it works so well, and it wont budge(i have it on now and luv it!)


*it's $7.49 @ cvs!!!

fyi: it doesn't go on thick unless u want it that way, lol.

i used to have the same problem

definately switch to liquid, its amazing. and i cant live without it.

it stays on like forever 2!!! (until yu take it off obviously...)

LIQUID EYE LINER: a life saver.
i think you need to get powder eyeliner..鈥?/a> it never fails me!
Liquid and waterproof, and not the cheap kind. I like the ones they have at Victoria's secret, they're really good.
Put on a powder or primer first, and make sure you are using a waterproof pencil.
stick with pencil, liquid will make it worse...i've tried liquid and it ended up making a mess all over my eyes

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